Memphis Web Workers March 2015 Meetup

Front-end Framework Fiesta!

JavaScript frameworks are all the rage right now.  However, it can be a daunting task to choose a framework that fits your project.  

Luckily, we’ve gathered a few local experts with real-world experience using some of today’s most popular JS frameworks, including (but not limited to): 

JOSH LEWIS: Backbone/Marionette, Ember.JS



Panelists will share their thoughts and experiences, and do their best to answer any questions you may have.

Come join us for spirited (but always collegial) conversation, delicious food, and comfortable surroundings.

Memphis Web Workers February 2015 Meetup

This month we’ll have a remote presentation on Open Source Design by the awesomely talented Una Kravets.

Una is a front-end designer at IBM Design and has written about Open Source Design on and has founded Sassy DC and ATX Sass meetups.

From Una’s website:
“I’m a front end designer, creating software prototypes at IBM Design, Austin. My goal is to make people smile through interactive experiences. I’m an avid Tweeter @una, founded the Sassy DC and ATX Sass Meetups, draw sometimes, and play with code a lot. “

Alongside our featured presentation, we’ll have our usual fair of food, fun and conversation. We’ll make sure to leave some time for show and tell if there is interest and we’ll give away a one-month license to Front-End Masters.

Memphis Web Workers January 2015 Meetup

We’ll be starting the year off collaboratively! This month, we’ll have a round table discussion on the wide-open topic of Side Projects. Whether you plan on doing more side projects as a New Year’s resolution or you’ve been doing side projects forever, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of why, how and when to do them.

• Why should you do side projects?

• Don’t have an idea, how can you find a side project?

• Open Source projects

• How do you find the time to do side projects?

• Side project show and tell

We look forward to seeing everyone again and having great discussions. We’ll have another Front-End Masters free month and a ticket to NomadJS to give away as well as our usual food.

Memphis Web Workers November 2014 Meetup

This month we’ll be doing round tables based on all the topics that were discussed at this month’s TechCamp.

If you weren’t able to make it to TechCamp, never fear, we can catch you up and you’ll still get loads out of it.

Developer Topics:

• Reducing the Barrier to Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin

• Let’s Make Some Noise! Digital Audio and the WebAudio API

• Single Page Applications with Backbone.js and Marionette.js

• Customizing an online game and building a community with Lua, ASP.NET MVC, and MySQL

• Workshop: Stupid Programming Tricks

• Swift kick in the Graph

Design Topics:

• The secret to promoting your craft

• Persuasive Pushback(Working Title)

• Screen Design – What I Wish I Knew When I First Started Making Websites

• Do we really need global navigation?

• Design for the Mobile Web

• Using Vectors on the Web with SVG

Food will be provided by Vaco, and as we have in past months, we’ll have more giveaways this month including:

• Front-End Masters subscription

• A free JetBrains license of your choice

Memphis Web Workers October 2014 Meetup

This month we’ll have a presentation from George Spake (@georgespake) on the Foundation front-end development framework.

After his presentation, we’ll do a short round table on front-end frameworks in general. Do you use a specific framework? Bootstrap vs. Foundation? How limiting or freeing do frameworks let you be in your design and development process?

We’ll also have a few giveaways this month. We have another JetBrains license (courtesy of JetBrains), an O’Reilly book on responsive Web design (courtesy of O’Reilly Media) and a month of access to Front-End Masters.

Zurb was kind enough to send us a load of stickers and even some shirts for Foundation.

All that, as well as our usual food spread courtesy of Vaco Memphis

Memphis Web Workers September 2014 Meetup

Meet with people in Memphis interested in web design, front-end development, and user experience (UX) design. 

We had so much fun with our roundtable session in June, we’re doing it again! Only this time we will focus the conversation on our favorite tools of the trade. Once again, we’ll partition the group into ‘design’ and ‘dev’ and have people share their favorite tools of choice to do their jobs.

For example, the design roundtable might discuss the latest in photoshop plugins, wireframing tools, interactive portfolios, or whatever else people use to create something great.  Developers will no doubt argue endlessly over which text editor is the best text editor, and swap tips on automation and workflow tools.  Everyone is free to wander between tables, so don’t be shy.


We will also be raffling off some prizes this month:

• Hands-On Sencha Touch 2 – from O’Reilly Media (hard copy)

• Your choice of any JetBrains IDE (including IntelliJ IDEA, PHPStorm, WebStorm, Pycharm, etc…)

You must be present to win.