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April Meetup: Modern Layout for the Web

Bryan Robinson will be presenting on various aspects of modern layout for the web.

We're not talking your grampa's layout. No CSS hacks; no frameworks; just the awesome that is modern CSS. From Flexbox to ideas to generate a new look and feel to designing in code.

A light dinner and soft drinks will be provided.

Meet with people in Memphis interested in web design, front-end development, and user experience (UX) design.

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Nodebots day

HACKmemphis and Memphis Web Workers will be putting on a Nodebots day in 2016! We're really excited about the intersection of JavaScript and hardware and are ready to make some robots bend to our will!

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Chat with Web Workers

The Web Workers currently utilize the #memtech community Slack. We have our own channel, but there's also plenty of folks and other topics to join in!

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