Web Workers Meetups

Join us on the Second Tuesday of every month for an appetizing taste into the world of web. We take on all topics involving web. Have an idea for a future talk? Join the MemTech Slack group and message one of us. MemTech Slack »

What You Need to Know About WebAssembly - November 14, 2017

FedEx Institute of Technology

WebAssembly is a new, efficient alternative to JavaScript. Learn more about how it works and how to use it.

Use Eslint to write better JavaScript! - October 10, 2017

FedEx Institute of Technology - Room 225

Eslint is a configurable linting tool for JavaScript. using a create-react-app project as an example, we’ll walk through how to add eslint to your project and extend it with Airbnb’s js style guide and Prettier.

CSS Can Do What?! - August 8, 2017

FedEx Institute of Technology - Room 225

Bryan Robinson will be discussing CSS techniques to do things he bets you didn't think CSS could do, including modal popups, mobile navigation and tooltips

SCSS Conventions - May 9th, 2017

FedEx Institute of Technology - Room 225

We talked about SMACSS, BEM and Aesthetic Sass. Join us for what is apparently a controversial topic.

Support-first CSS - April 11th, 2017

FedEx Institute of Technology - Room 225

Come learn about how to implement the latest and greatest CSS tricks while still supporting all your old-browser needs.

February 2017 Sass and CSS Naming

In February we'll discuss SCSS as a whole and CSS naming conventions and practices such as BEM, OOCSS and SMACSS.

January 2017 Nodebots and Jekyll

For the January meetup, Eric will talk about nodebots and Bryan will talk about his recent experience with Jekyll.

December 2016

For December, we won't be meeting. The