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Episode 9: A Discussion on Progressive Enhancement

We're discussing some controversy from late 2016 this week. The idea that Progressive Enhancement IS a moral argument and why that makes it a better or worse argument. This is based on the blog post 'Yes, progressive enhancement is a f****** moral argument'

Episode 8: CSS Shorthand Antipatterns

This week we read CSS Wizardry's 'CSS Shorthand Syntax Considered an Anti-Pattern' and discuss the nature of the shorthand properties as well as whether or not this is actually an antipattern.

Episode 7: Component Architecture in Sass

We read David Kourshid's scotch.io article 'Aesthetic Sass: Architecture, Style and Organization' and discuss the topics of reusability, naming and structure in Sass and CSS.

Episode 6: Education via Documentation

Based on David Gilbertson's '19 Things I learnt reading the NodeJS docs,' we discuss Node, API Documentation vs. Tutorials and learning new things in general.

Episode 5: Native Apps vs. Progressive Web Apps

This week we take on an age-old argument: Native phone apps vs Progressive Web apps. Based on Eric Elliot's Medium post Native Apps are Doomed, we discuss the pros and cons of both ecosystems.

Episode 4: Web Workers Rewind - Meteor Up and Running

From the August Web Workers meetup in Memphis, Tenn. Eric talks about getting up and running in MeteorJS.

Episode 3: Web Workers Rewind - Modern CSS

From the August Web Workers meetup in Memphis, Tenn. Bryan speaks about Post-Modern CSS including Object-Fit, Clip-path and CSS Grid.

Episode 2: JavaScript Fatigue

Ever feel like there's a new JavaScript library, framework or technique every week? That's probably because there is. Bryan, Eric and Nathanael discuss getting fatigued, fighting through it.

Episode I: The Phantom Podcast

The hosts discuss their various backgrounds, how they got into tech and how newbies and beginners can find their way in the ever-shifting landscape

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