Meeting Notes

This month Bryan and Josh will be discussing their love affair with static sites.

Josh will demo GatsbyJS, the hottest, most investable static site generator of all time! Did we mention it's built in React? Cause it is! If you like JS, this is the static site generator for you!

Bryan will take us off the deep end of dynamic content in static sites with his status update application. This uses iOS "Shortcuts" to post text and images in a dynamic way to his static site hosted on Netlify. It's crazy. Like the good and bad definitions of "crazy."

Slides from Josh's presentation

Example app from Josh's presentation

App that Bryan demoed

Talk Details

Besides showing off Gatsby, Josh gave an overview of the landscape of static site generators in general, and of the much simpler hosting that they allow for. He also talked about their limitations, and some of the ways around them.

We also learned about GraphQL and pirate history.

Bryan went into further depth on how to use Netlify and lambda functions to work around the limitations of being static, and demonstrated a working example.